Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Best Yoga Studio in NYC

Five years ago I did something that changed my life.  I took a class at Prana Power Yoga and the addiction began.....  There are many studios in NYC and really your style of yoga is truly based on preference but after years of working out and running I took a power vinyasa class and it changed my mind and body.  I have always been lean but this type of yoga strengthens and lengthens you- I had never achieved the results  I now have from regular workouts and mentally I would walk out of class in a great mood.  Prana Power Yoga is a vinyasa flow in a 98 degree room so it's hot but not as hot as Bikram and there is a flow of different poses that change with each teacher so you never get the same workout.  I feel like I get a spiritual and physical workout when I am there and I LOVE it and think it's the best!!!!  The studio is small and very welcoming and the teachers are amazing.  If you want to do something for your body both mentally and physically check it out!!!!! It's located at 862 Broadway in Union Square above the Petco and has a number of classes daily.  Check out there website