Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The BEST Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

I LOVE my dentist.  I mean I really love, love, looooove my dentist- how many people can say that? This love affair began years ago.  When I was 7 years old I broke all my front teeth in half on one of those springy things in the park that goes back and forth- needless to say that's when my nightmare began.  For years I had bonds on my teeth that felt like cement in the front of my mouth.  Every four years I would have to get new bonding because it would discolor and chip.  I dreamt of the day I could afford veneers but noticed that some people I knew that had them looked like they had white chicklets in their mouth and knew that i would want something very natural and beautiful and that's when my journey began.  I saw Dr. Lowenburg and got a consultation and he looked at me and told me everything he could do to make my mouth look "beautiful"- he was confident and I could tell he was a perfectionist and dental genius but I had to get a few more opinions because, as you know, i search and search to make sure what I have is the best :)  So I saw some of the other "top" New York dentists and NOTHING could compare.  Some would ask me to bring them in pictures of what i would want my teeth to look like (what??  How am i supposed to know what would look good???) and some just didn't seem to have the passion for cosmetic dentistry that Dr.Lowenburg had.  After years of searching and saving my pennies I decided to go back to the BEST dentist that i saw and the saying that "all good things come to those who wait" unfolded.  I went from cement mouth to having a BEAUTIFUL set of teeth.  The first time i saw and felt my veneers i literally cried because those bonds had been the thorn in my side for years.... I'm a private person and would normally not want to tell people I have veneers but if i can save one person from bad veneers I've done my job here.  If you want the BEST cosmetic dentist in the United States go see Dr. Lowenburg. Dr. Lituchy and Cantor are amazing too- everyone in their office is but I have to say that Dr. Lowenburg is my fave :)  I also go to to them for cleanings and regular dental treatments ( Esther is the best dental hygenist).  The staff makes you feel like family and you are in the BEST hands in this practice.  If you're into the whole celebrity thing they have a long list of celebrity smiles.. You may be able to find veneers cheaper someplace else but take it from me- you get what you pay for and I searched and searched until I found the best... I made my dentist promise he would never retire and he said he wouldn't :).   That's why Dr. Lowenburg is on the top of my list so if you're thinking of having a smile makeover he's the man!!!!- Trust me!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

To your BEST year EVER!!!!! Happy 2012!!!

Wishing all of you one of the BEST years you will ever have.  I have a really good feeling about 2012 and I wish everyone an amazing new year filled with peace, serenity, love, happiness, financial security, and every little thing your heart desires.  Remember to do what feels good for you and only the BEST will follow- it's the law of attraction.  With LOVE from my heart to yours- xoxo