Friday, October 12, 2012


I recently took a trip to my hometown of Miami.  Home is definitely where the heart is and where some of the favorite foods i crave are as well.  My best friend Darcy and i had an amazing time and she indulged my Miami cravings.  I have been going to La Sandwicherie in Miami since i was younger and i crave it when i'm in NY.  They have the best secret sauce and cornichons ( baby pickles) that make any sandwich amazing and the french bread they put your sandwich on is YUMMMMY!!!!  Darcy and i got our usual- a veggie with extra special sauce.  The ambiance of la sandwicherie is nothing special- It's a little counter that's usually packed with Miami locals but you can watch as the staff prepares your sandwich and can see how clean and fresh ( because of their high volume ) everything is.  La Sandwicherie is THE BEST sandwich place i have EVER been to.  It's a slice of home that i highly recommend and just 2 blocks from the beach if there is no room at the counter you can sit by the ocean and have one of the best sandwiches in the world.... You can't really get better than that.... Check out their website