Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The BEST Vegetarian Supermarket in NYC!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!
  I'm back!!!  I was on hiatus for a while but you will be sure to see new posts from me from now on!!!  Happy Spring!  What an amazing time of year- it's beautiful to see everything begin to bloom.  I wanted to tell you about my favorite vegetarian supermarket in NYC- it's by far one of my best kept secrets- i actually call it my "Hippie supermarket"- it's called Integral Yoga Natural Foods and it is located on 13th between 7th and 8th- closer to 8th.  I LOVE this store and love supporting small businesses.  Everything in this store is integrated to help you maintain a healthy, well balanced life and is one of the most cost conscience healthy stores i know of in NYC.  I can buy a ton of groceries here for $60.00 and the same amount of stuff would be double at Whole Foods.  I just really love the philosophy of this little hippie grocery store and i know every time i go in there and buy something it is going to be good for me- i mean, what more could you ask for???  It also reminds me of the little grocery stores i used to go to when i was a child in Miami.  They have a wide range of organic fruits and veggies that are always FRESH, a wall of super foods ( which you should eat everyday) and a cute old school juice bar / deli with amazing soups and desserts that are vegan.  They also have a super cool beauty section with a wide range of paraben free and yummy products.  The thing is if you go in to Integral for food you know you will be walking out with something that is good for you and that is why it made my best list- besides the fact that every time i walk in there i feel like i am one of the lucky few that knows about this hidden gem so i wanted to share that with all of you.  So if you live in NYC or are here for a visit don't miss out on  the Hippist, Hippiest grocery store around!!!