Monday, January 25, 2010

The Best Cupcakes in NYC

Wow!!! My first post!!! How exciting!!!! Well my friends I have to tell you what my favorite cupcakes in NYC are- Magnolia Cupcakes, of course!!!! There are a few different cupcake places in the city but when I am having a major craving I drag myself out and get a Magnolia cupcake. The only problem is is that you can't eat just one- they are all SO GOOD- they make an AMAZING red velvet- it does not have a cream cheese frosting like some other places do which makes them soooo yummmmy!!!!!! Also all of their baked goods are unreal!!!! Times to avoid going there are around 8 p.m. when there is sometimes a line around the block but they stay open til 11:30 weeknights and til 12:30 on weekends. In the past, while pmsing , I have dragged myself off of my couch many times just to go to Magnolia. The frosting and cake on the cupcakes are the BEST. So if you want a good cupcake try Magnolia Bakery 401 Bleeker Street- you will be happy you did!!! And LA has a Magnolia Bakery too!!! My friend Pia hates the fact that it's there because she loves it so much ( Especially the banana pudding) :) It makes moving to LA that much more tempting.


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