Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have an addiction..... I have had it since i was younger..... it's a serious addiction..... to lip balm.  It started with the big Bonnie Bell LipStick but as i grew older and became more health conscience of what i was putting on my body i searched and searched until i found the perfect, natural balm.  Let's call a spade a spade- everyone wants soft, kissable lips and most lip balms leave a waxy coat but i found something that i literally can't live without.... SWEETSATION CHOCO*SMOOTCH organic lip and face balm for dry, chapped and peeling skin.  It has Argan, Calendula, Sea Buckhorn and Coconut Oil along with many other yummy, natural ingredients... It lasts about 2 months, tastes AMAZING on your lips and keeps them nice, soft, hydrated and kissable.  You can only order it on Amazon so i usually buy a few at a time.  At $12.00 a pop they are worth every penny.  I can usually be seen smothering this stuff on my lips numerous times a day and everyone is always asking me what it is.  So if you deal with dry, chapped lips try the balm i literally can't live without.... it's the BEST!!!!!!

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