Thursday, December 22, 2011

The BEST Acupuncturist in NYC.

I've been to a few acupuncturists in the city but never to one like Deborah...  I literally felt like I died and went to heaven when she gave me acupuncture and hot stone meridian therapy and boy am I addicted.  I didn't see her for any specific reason but the fact that I have not been sleeping well and my back has been tense lately but she specializes in tendino-muscular issues and pain so she treats many athletes, dancers and runners - she explained it to me like this - the normal type of acupuncture will take six months to do what her type can do in two treatments ( because of the type of acupuncture she practices).  She has AMAZING energy and you can tell she has a love for what she does.  I went in to see her with my back a mess and literally walked out of there feeling so much lighter it was kind of unbelievable.  When she put the needles in my back and told me to relax I totally zoned out and went someplace else which rarely happens to me even when I get a massage- to be honest the last guy that performed acupuncture on me told me to relax and I thought he was kidding.  The day after my treatment  I woke up feeling just as great as when I left her office.  She specializes in an array of treatments and if you have the chance or your body needs some help I seriously think this is the woman for you ( you should really combine the acupuncture with the hot stone treatment if you can).  It's one of the BEST things I've done for myself in a long time and trust me she is the BEST acupuncturist in the city ( located in Union Square)......  Check out her website

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