Saturday, December 10, 2011

The BEST Thing I Ever Did.

Four years ago i did something that would change my life forever....  I got my dog Keoki.  I knew he was going to be a big responsibility but i never knew the unconditional love and happiness he would bring into my life.  I had a  few tough years and I always tell people that he was my lifeline. Meaning he really was a gift when I thought i couldn't take much more always with a wagging tail, a lick, doing something funny to make me laugh or getting me out of the house to take a walk.  I never knew when i got him how in love i would be and how thankful everyday i would be for him.  I truly believe there is a proof of God when you are around an animal.  I can't leave out Miss Marilulu who i rescued a year ago- she's just completely full of love and happiness.  I have to say that having a pet is by far the best thing i ever did and I highly recommend it to anyone that's looking for unconditional love.  There are so many homeless animals that are in need of adoption and trust me when you save them they know they have been saved.  Petfinder is a great sight to find animals that need adoption in your area   Another great site that contains lots of valuable information for animal lovers and pet owners is www.Pets.Answers. But just know before you adopt what a big responsibility it is - trust me the love completely outweighs the tasks.  There have been times where i have cried and Keoki runs and licks the tears off of my face and eyes- if that's not a best friend i don't know what is....  That's why he and Marilu are the best things i ever did......

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