Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is for both men and women- i say that only because men forget that they need to moisturize too and who wants to have wrinkles if they don't have to have them?  I have VERY sensitive skin and as anyone that's been reading my blog knows I do not believe in putting parabens on my body because what you put on it goes in it.  Well after searching and searching for something not too expensive i found the BEST skincare!!!! A little line called AUSTRALIANSCENT  BALM of GILEAD- i LOVE this product and it keeps my skin super moisturized and never breaks out!!!! I love the integrity of this balm- everything is natural - no synthetics, no parabens and no worries- i LOVE that!!! My favorite scent is the lemongrass orange ( it smells so yummy i want to eat it) and i have turned so many of my friends onto it and they LOVE it also.  It's also VERY inexpensive and can be purchased at Whole Foods or online at I am actually kind of obsessed with all of their products but LOVE their face balm.  I'm known to slather my face with moisturizer a few times daily and i have had my jar since January and still have some left and it's June so that goes to show you a little goes a long way.  This balm is the BEST so if you want something that's not bad for you or your skin that won't break the bank check out Balm of Gilead by Australian Scent- I know you will love it!!!

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