Thursday, June 28, 2012


I have fair skin that tans but even though i grew up in South Florida and am a closeted sun worshipper i do believe in Sunscreen and Sunblock.  Only recently did i find a line of products that are inexpensive and do not make me break out!!! ( Almost every sunblock i have ever tried has made my sensitive skin breakout!!!) My friend Tricia told me her dermatologist recommended Ocean Potion for sensitive skin and babies and I LOVED it!!! It's Oxybenzone and PARABEN FREE!!!!!  That makes me SO HAPPY!!!! And yes it's the little things that make me happy... Most of Ocean Potions products are Paraben free!!! I also decided to try the Face Clear Zinc Oxide and the Dark Tanning Oil with Coconut and Carrot oils and it made me DARK ( don't tell my dermatologist i said that) and the daily face lotion with Retinol.  I think these products are the best that i have tried and they are also very inexpensive which makes them even better.  I order mine online at  So for the summer months i hope you enjoy some Vitamin D the safe way- wearing the best sunblock around!  Happy Sunning!!! xo

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