Monday, September 24, 2012

The BEST Veterinarian.

Anyone that knows me knows that my dog Keoki is the love of my life and that i would only trust his health in the safest possible hands (yes i am one of those crazy dog people).  Well when i first got him i had a Manhattan vet that i shortly realized was robbing me blind with unnecessary vaccinations, office visits, etc.  I felt really taken advantage of.... One day i was walking my stinker in my hood and bumped into a friend that had also been taken advantage of by this same vet and she told me about the vet she traveled to that was an hour outside of the city, SMITHRIDGE VETERINARY CLINIC, and how the doctors were AMAZING, holistic, integrative based and not thieves so i decided to give them a try and have never looked back.  Dr. Marty Goldstein ( who has a weekly radio show on Martha Stewarts Sirius Radio ) is the owner and people fly from around the world for help with their very ill animals- he also has a wall of fame- even Oprah has taken her furbabies to him!!!! But it's not only Dr. Marty - ALL of the doctors that practice in this facility- are AMAZING, thorough, and on top of their game.  They actually sit and talk with you when you bring your baby in- i was in there for almost an hour for Keoki's annual.  I have nothing but great things to say about this practice and highly trust them.  If you live in the tri-state area and you care about your four legged friend run don't walk here.  They also specialize in treating cancer, etc.  Check out their website or read Dr. Marty's book.  Let's face it animals are part of our family so why not give them the best possible care we can so we can extend their lives.  That's why SmithRidge is the BEST VETERINARY CLINIC!.... Trust me!!!!
                                                                 My Dog Keoki

                                                                    Little Marilulu

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