Thursday, July 5, 2012


In NYC we are so lucky to have access to amazing organic juice bars so it was hard to come up with one just being the BEST- honestly they are all great but this one is my favorite and i am known to walk miles, literally, for my favorite smoothie and juice.  I am addicted to THE JUICE PRESS.  I usually go to the one on 10th between 1st and A but they have a few different locations around the city and are opening one on the West Side soon (Thank God)!!! They have an AMAZING selection of cold pressed juices, raw foods and OFF THE CHAIN smoothies!!!!! My favorite superfood smoothie is Heaven on Earth- it's dates, bananas, homemade almond milk, organic rice protein powder, raw cacao, homemade almond butter and cinnamon!!! YUMMMMMY!!!!! And i am also obsessed with ALL of their juices but especially Love at First Sight- spinach, kale and green apples. And one of my favorite treats is the Raw Oatmeal- My mouth is watering writing this....  The staff is very helpful and nice, they have great cleanses and it's spotlessly clean.  So yes the juice press may be a bit more expensive but the quality, taste and integrity of their products are the reason why- EVERYTHING in this place tastes GREAT!!! So if you're into looking and feeling great check out my favorite juice place in NYC- your taste buds will thank you......

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