Thursday, December 6, 2012


If i can save one person some money by reading this then i have done my job.  Pet's are a huge part of our lives and family but they are also a major responsibility- if we have a pet it is our job to take care of them when they are sick, maintain their health and love them- i think that's the least we can do when all they give us is unconditional love.  When i first got Keoki i couldn't believe his vet bills ( remember i live in NYC- ouch!) i had a really tough financial year and decided it would be smart to get pet insurance just in case anything happened and i had to charge it, borrow money, etc.  I can honestly say it was one of the BEST investments i ever made.  I searched and researched and found that Petplan was the best insurance for us. Keoki has been in the emergency room twice since then totaling  about $6000.00!!!!! And i have literally gotten 90% of my money back!!!!  With Petplan you have a choice of deductibles and percentages of what you would like to get back in case of an emergency.  I feel truly blessed and grateful to have invested in this from the beginning because it has literally paid for itself.  There are only 2 plans that i recommend if you are interested in Pet insurance- PETPLAN and EMBRACE ( my friend Daun has that one and loves it).  The thing is you need to purchase it when your dog is young and healthy. Accidents happen so it's better to be safe than sorry and not be stressed about whether you can or cannot afford the right care for your pet.   Check out their websites and invest in something that will make a difference in your bank account and the way you take care of your pet- it is one of the BEST things i ever invested in........

                                                      Miss Marilulu ( she has Petplan)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have an addiction..... I have had it since i was younger..... it's a serious addiction..... to lip balm.  It started with the big Bonnie Bell LipStick but as i grew older and became more health conscience of what i was putting on my body i searched and searched until i found the perfect, natural balm.  Let's call a spade a spade- everyone wants soft, kissable lips and most lip balms leave a waxy coat but i found something that i literally can't live without.... SWEETSATION CHOCO*SMOOTCH organic lip and face balm for dry, chapped and peeling skin.  It has Argan, Calendula, Sea Buckhorn and Coconut Oil along with many other yummy, natural ingredients... It lasts about 2 months, tastes AMAZING on your lips and keeps them nice, soft, hydrated and kissable.  You can only order it on Amazon so i usually buy a few at a time.  At $12.00 a pop they are worth every penny.  I can usually be seen smothering this stuff on my lips numerous times a day and everyone is always asking me what it is.  So if you deal with dry, chapped lips try the balm i literally can't live without.... it's the BEST!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012


I recently took a trip to my hometown of Miami.  Home is definitely where the heart is and where some of the favorite foods i crave are as well.  My best friend Darcy and i had an amazing time and she indulged my Miami cravings.  I have been going to La Sandwicherie in Miami since i was younger and i crave it when i'm in NY.  They have the best secret sauce and cornichons ( baby pickles) that make any sandwich amazing and the french bread they put your sandwich on is YUMMMMY!!!!  Darcy and i got our usual- a veggie with extra special sauce.  The ambiance of la sandwicherie is nothing special- It's a little counter that's usually packed with Miami locals but you can watch as the staff prepares your sandwich and can see how clean and fresh ( because of their high volume ) everything is.  La Sandwicherie is THE BEST sandwich place i have EVER been to.  It's a slice of home that i highly recommend and just 2 blocks from the beach if there is no room at the counter you can sit by the ocean and have one of the best sandwiches in the world.... You can't really get better than that.... Check out their website

Monday, September 24, 2012

The BEST Veterinarian.

Anyone that knows me knows that my dog Keoki is the love of my life and that i would only trust his health in the safest possible hands (yes i am one of those crazy dog people).  Well when i first got him i had a Manhattan vet that i shortly realized was robbing me blind with unnecessary vaccinations, office visits, etc.  I felt really taken advantage of.... One day i was walking my stinker in my hood and bumped into a friend that had also been taken advantage of by this same vet and she told me about the vet she traveled to that was an hour outside of the city, SMITHRIDGE VETERINARY CLINIC, and how the doctors were AMAZING, holistic, integrative based and not thieves so i decided to give them a try and have never looked back.  Dr. Marty Goldstein ( who has a weekly radio show on Martha Stewarts Sirius Radio ) is the owner and people fly from around the world for help with their very ill animals- he also has a wall of fame- even Oprah has taken her furbabies to him!!!! But it's not only Dr. Marty - ALL of the doctors that practice in this facility- are AMAZING, thorough, and on top of their game.  They actually sit and talk with you when you bring your baby in- i was in there for almost an hour for Keoki's annual.  I have nothing but great things to say about this practice and highly trust them.  If you live in the tri-state area and you care about your four legged friend run don't walk here.  They also specialize in treating cancer, etc.  Check out their website or read Dr. Marty's book.  Let's face it animals are part of our family so why not give them the best possible care we can so we can extend their lives.  That's why SmithRidge is the BEST VETERINARY CLINIC!.... Trust me!!!!
                                                                 My Dog Keoki

                                                                    Little Marilulu

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Sorry guys had to post i've been in a bit of a funk lately and will re-post as soon as i get inspired.  Just being honest.... Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  Sending you lots of LOVE and all of the BEST!!!! xoxo

Thursday, July 5, 2012


In NYC we are so lucky to have access to amazing organic juice bars so it was hard to come up with one just being the BEST- honestly they are all great but this one is my favorite and i am known to walk miles, literally, for my favorite smoothie and juice.  I am addicted to THE JUICE PRESS.  I usually go to the one on 10th between 1st and A but they have a few different locations around the city and are opening one on the West Side soon (Thank God)!!! They have an AMAZING selection of cold pressed juices, raw foods and OFF THE CHAIN smoothies!!!!! My favorite superfood smoothie is Heaven on Earth- it's dates, bananas, homemade almond milk, organic rice protein powder, raw cacao, homemade almond butter and cinnamon!!! YUMMMMMY!!!!! And i am also obsessed with ALL of their juices but especially Love at First Sight- spinach, kale and green apples. And one of my favorite treats is the Raw Oatmeal- My mouth is watering writing this....  The staff is very helpful and nice, they have great cleanses and it's spotlessly clean.  So yes the juice press may be a bit more expensive but the quality, taste and integrity of their products are the reason why- EVERYTHING in this place tastes GREAT!!! So if you're into looking and feeling great check out my favorite juice place in NYC- your taste buds will thank you......

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I have fair skin that tans but even though i grew up in South Florida and am a closeted sun worshipper i do believe in Sunscreen and Sunblock.  Only recently did i find a line of products that are inexpensive and do not make me break out!!! ( Almost every sunblock i have ever tried has made my sensitive skin breakout!!!) My friend Tricia told me her dermatologist recommended Ocean Potion for sensitive skin and babies and I LOVED it!!! It's Oxybenzone and PARABEN FREE!!!!!  That makes me SO HAPPY!!!! And yes it's the little things that make me happy... Most of Ocean Potions products are Paraben free!!! I also decided to try the Face Clear Zinc Oxide and the Dark Tanning Oil with Coconut and Carrot oils and it made me DARK ( don't tell my dermatologist i said that) and the daily face lotion with Retinol.  I think these products are the best that i have tried and they are also very inexpensive which makes them even better.  I order mine online at  So for the summer months i hope you enjoy some Vitamin D the safe way- wearing the best sunblock around!  Happy Sunning!!! xo